Do Some Charity Work

These days there sure is not enough money to go around. It seems as though there is more month at the end of our money, so the idea of doing charity work might seem impossible. I mean if you don’t have the extra money or time, how can you justify doing anything for charity? I’ve come up with tons of ways to become a philanthropist without taking a toll on your own life.

Find A Charity Best Suited For You

What are your strengths? Are you good with kids, the elderly, animals, grown ups or teens? By finding a charity that best suits your strengths you will be able to justify the time needed to offer your time because it will feel less like work and more like fun or a simple task. Taking on a charity that doesn’t suit you eg a charity that helps kids if you are someone that has no patience for kids, will feel more like torture to you than the good feeling you should get by helping others.

Find A Local Charity

Many of the larger charities have local chapters and events in all area around the world. If you live in a big city the choices are endless, if you are in a smaller city or town the choices are less. The best place to start to find a charity is through our friend the search engine and social media. Lets try the search engine; pick your favorite search engine and type in the name of your town, the kid of charity thats best for you, and the word charity. So it might look like this “nyc helping children charity” and you will find tons of events and charities from which to choose from.

Next lets try social media. Lets take facebook. In the search field simply type in “charity”. When you do you will find tons of groups dedicated to charity and charity events. Join some of those groups and post some questions like “does anyone know a group in NYC that helps kids” and you will get tons of responses, and also make some friends. Once you have a few in mind signing up is very easy. They usually post dates, times and instructions for people that want to help out. Find a location and time that works for you and you’re off to helping others.

Live Better and Longer By Doing Charity

Studies show that helping others helps to prolong your life and make you a happier person. The humbling act of helping others has a synergistic effect on your body. It might be the good feeling you get from helping others that transfers into good positive energy that cycles through the body nourishing your blood and organs with what it needs to stay healthy. Also there is the karmic effect; help others in need and you won’t need any help. That is enough to make charity work worthwhile. Another side effect of helping out, it gives you something to do and allows you to meet more fun, charitable and interesting folks like yourself. Some are very well off and have more than enough time and money to go around. We have heard many stories of men and women meeting the person of their dreams at such events. If nothing else, that is reason enough to make charoty work and place on your social calender.

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Check out Times Square, a Broadway show, or enjoy a mean at one of the thousand places on restaurant row or anywhere in the city. Check out the girls that will be available as escorts in New York and tell them charity chicks sent ya, so they get the your donation over to the right charities for us.

Charity Now

Charity work is probably one of the few “jobs” that offers a real sense of feeling good and doing good for others. There are not many fields where you get the feeling of making a difference and helping someone without any strings attached. Sure, one might make the argument that a doctor or nurse helps others, but keep in mind they are being paid to do so. They are paid well to do their job. In the world of karma and feeling good helping others and receiving a pay check while doing so doesn’t count.

Doing charity work is not easy. The fact that you are not paid for your work is enough to make it very difficult. I mean, we all have bills to pay right? It takes commitment, dedication, passion, patients and a real drive to want to make a difference without any strings or expectations. Not even in the form of karma. That’s right in order for karma to work you must give without expectation. Without seeking reciprocity, that is our mindset when we give to charity.

Sure there are plenty of folks that do charity work for the social aspect or the status aspect of what charity work affords. But the true winners in the world of charity are the recipients and those that give without expectation.

Get A Sense Of Well Being

There are very few opportunities that give us that sense of well being. You can take care of your cat, or your neighbor and feel good, but your supposed to do that. Try helping a complete stranger without any expectation or need for reciprocity. The sense of well being alone from that act will pay for itself with a longer and happier life for you. Not many occupations can make a claim anything like that.

Get New Skills & A Better Job

There is no better way to get new skills than to do something for free. Unlike a paid job where an employer would need someone with experience, because he is paying you, a charity position will allow you to take on responsibilities that would take years to get on a paying job. Charities have all the same function of a fortune 500 company but since they are not paying they can’t be as selective with whom they delegate their duties to. For this reason you can pick up some very valuable skill sets in a quick way.

A side benefit is the wow factor when you add a charity job to your resume. There is no better way to say you are a good, honest, hard working person than to include a charity position for which you were not paid. Now this only works well if you also have a decent paying job in addition to your charity work. You don’t want a potential employer to think that you will work for him for free.

Whatever the case may be doing charity work has many benefits and if you check back here often we will post some cool items that might help you on your path.

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